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You Are Not Alone

Do you aspire to have clear, smooth skin? Has your skin been troubling you? You are not alone. Our founder, Jasmine, struggled with problematic skin, especially acne, for 14 years! She found her cure and achieved clear, healthy glowing skin with Skinlycious. Just like the many users of Skinlycious, you can achieve balanced, non-bumpy, acne-free skin too!

3 Reasons

Why You Should Consider Our Mini Kits

There are many cosmetic active ingredients available for clearing acne. Jasmine has tried so many and from her experience, she believes that she has the best two. That’s why we offer two very different spot treatments.
We believe balance is the key to having clear healthy skin. Our kit has 3 products but not all 3 products has anti-acne ingredients. The 3 products work synergistically to address the root causes of acne.
Money-back Guarantee. We know the pain: physically, mentally and on the pocket too! Thus, we will refund you the mini kit if we cannot help you.

Which Mini Kit Should I Try?

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The Skinlycious Difference

Science-based Skincare Backed By Real-life Experience


By: Jun Qi
"Cystic Acne Cleared"

I struggled with cystic acne for many years. When I chanced upon Jasmine’s story, it feels like she’s telling my story. I decided to try the mini kit and never looked back. My acne is now gone.

By: Eileen
"Redness reduced with Calming Cleanser"

I’m really impressed that after one wash with Calming Cleanser, my redness reduced significantly. After two months of using the Clear Skin Kit, I have total clear skin now.

By: Jesslyn
"7 years on maintaining Acne-free skin with Skinlycious"

I am in my 3rd set of anti acne bundle, and I am very happy to say the result had been wonderful. The small bumps and frequent cystic pimples outbreak are gone and the scars have lighten. I have almost clear skin now, and I look forward to it getting even better with persistent usage. Family and friends had commented on how much my skin has improved.

Jasmine has also been really helpful with her encouragement, advices and guidance. She is very professional and gives prompt replies. Excellent service with awesome products. I seldom give reviews, but this is too good not to be shared. If you suffer acne or hormonal acne..i strongly encourage you to give this bundle a try!

Update on 12/08/16 : Today, 2 receptionists from my family clinic commented my skin is looking good and clear now (I went without makeup) compared to last year. I strongly recommended Skinlycious products to them.

Update on 10/2/2020 : Still using Skinlycious whole range to maintain acne-free skin.

By: Julie
"Tween's Acne Cleared with Calming Cleanser"

My 12 year old tween’s acne cleared up after using Calming Cleanser. He’s now more disciplined with his beauty regime whereas before I had to nag him. I’m happy that he’s a lot more confident and happier now.

By: Summer
"Skin is less oily and mild acne cleared"

Amazing! My mild acne cleared up after two weeks of usage. Skin is less oily and no more pimples.

By: Jenny
"Bumpy Skin Gone"

I had acne since I was 11 and my confidence was low. With Skinlycious products, my bumpy skin cleared up without irritating my eczema and sensitive skin.

By: Priscilla
"Highly recommended!"

5 months after delivering my 2nd baby, I was plagued by hormonal acne for more than a year. I spent thousands of dollars trying different solutions including facials, carbon lasers, chemical peels, taking antibiotics and even bought different skincare brands to try (Body Shop, Lush, Kiehls & several others), but to no avail. Some of the products helped a little but none was a permanent solution. Until I came across Skinlycious. I’m currently using the cleanser, hydrating serum, cleansing water and sunscreen and I like the products because they are light and easily absorbed into my skin. And miraculously, my acne has subsided quite a fair bit. There’re still some, but compared to how bad it was previously, it’s a vast improvement. In addition, my face is a lot less oily as compared to before I used Skinlycious products. It helps that Jasmine also provides great customer service because after spending a bomb on so many products, honestly I was skeptical about Skinlycious at first. Overall, I’d say the products are value-for-money, fuss-free and definitely highly recommended!

By: Bright
"No more pimples"

Pimples are gone and I have smooth skin now 🙂 The Anti-Acne Solution (Now known as Glow Exfoliant) works very well. Spots flatten the next day. I’m so glad to have found Skinlycious!

By: Gewayne
"Life Saver"

I’ve just recently use Skinlycious acne products for less than a month and I can say that it’s a life saver as my skin is slowly making improvements! Loving the product so much! Thank you!