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We are the one-stop skin care solution for people with acne / acne-prone skin. An effective range of products people with acne skin can use with peace of mind, knowing that SkinLYcious products will not give them outbreaks. Because these products have been tried and tested by people who suffer from acne, and proven to give real visible results. Founded by Jasmine, an ex-acne sufferer of 14 years. Through her experiences with doctors and dermatologists, coupled with her biomedical and pharmaceutical background, she found that certain ingredients, when used in the right concentrations and proportions, could really alleviate her acne woes.

Skinlycious – Your solution to acne

Here’s why you should use SkinLYcious. Clear your acne and live life confidently!

Effective Proprietary Products. Used by doctors.

Founder’s 14 years of struggle with acne solved with SkinLYcious. She formulates, tests and uses the products.

High Customer Satisfaction

Active ingredients used backed by scientific research

Non-sticky, non-greasy, excellent texture and after-feel of products

Cruelty Free
Parabens Free

Vegetarian /
Almost Vegan*

*All products vegan except for Anti-Acne Wash that has an ingredient derived from cow’s milk




Anti-Acne Wash




Anti-Acne Solution





Hydrating Serum




  • Dissolve Clogged Pores.
  • Kill Bacteria.
  • Reduce Skin Redness.
  • Reduce Skin Oiliness.
  • Achieve Acne-Free Skin!

Try our Anti-Acne Trial Kit


  • Experience the initial benefits
    • Less oiliness
    • Less redness
    • Existing acne shrinking in size

Estimated 7 – 10 days supply.


  • Lighten Acne ‘Scars’ (red/brown/black hyperpigmentation)
  • Removes make-up thoroughly while maintaining skin balance
  • Anti-Aging without fear of triggering outbreaks

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee*

Guarantee applies to Anti-Acne Trial Kit only.


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  • 5 months after delivering my 2nd baby, I was plagued by hormonal acne for more than a year. I spent thousands of dollars trying different solutions including facials, carbon lasers, chemical peels, taking antibiotics and even bought different skincare brands to try (Body Shop, Lush, Kiehls & several others), but to no avail. Some of the products helped a little but none was a permanent solution. Until I came across SkinLYcious. I’m currently using the wash, hydrating serum, cleansing water and sunscreen and I like the products because they are light and easily absorbed into my skin. And miraculously, my acne has subsided quite a fair bit. There’re still some, but compared to how bad it was previously, it’s a vast improvement. In addition, my face is a lot less oily as compared to before I used SkinLYcious products. It helps that Jasmine also provides great customer service because after spending a bomb on so many products, honestly I was skeptical about SkinLYcious at first. Overall, I’d say the products are value-for-money, fuss-free and definitely highly recommended!

  • I suffered from hormonal acne for one and a half years, I had cystic pimples plus lots of small bumps all over my face. I tried facials, aesthetic procedures like “Theraclear”, other prescibed products from doctors, hormonal supplements and over the counter acne products (from cheaper range to high end ones). All didnt work. I was depressed and ready to give up, until I chanced upon Jasmine’s story. I decided to give this anti acne bundle a try, since it is affordable too.

    I am in my 3rd set of anti acne bundle, and I am very happy to say the result had been wonderful. The small bumps and frequent cystic pimples outbreak are gone and the scars have lighten. I have almost clear skin now, and I look forward to it getting even better with persistent usage. Family and friends had commented on how much my skin has improved.

    Jasmine has also been really helpful with her encouragement, advices and guidance. She is very professional and gives prompt replies. Excellent service with awesome products. I seldom give reviews, but this is too good not to be shared. If you suffer acne or hormonal acne..i strongly encourage you to give this bundle a try!

    Update on 12/08/16 : Today, 2 receptionists from my family clinic commented my skin is looking good and clear now (i went without makeup) compared to last year.. I strongly recommended Skinlycious products to them.

  • It’s a set of marvellous products! Step 1, 2, 3 and that’s it! Hassle free and most importantly, it works!! Skinlycious only took 3 weeks to cure my worst outbreak compared to an aesthetic doctor who took 6 months that provide a disappointing outcome. Will continue to support Skinlycious and of course will recommend to the people around me.

  • About 2 months of very inconsistent use (wash once a day usually in the night and solution 3 or 4 times a week) my body acne condition has improved! The hilarious thing is that i was testing product only on one part of my body and that part has become smooth and the pimples either are gone or have reduced to very small size. I have started the wash on more places and my face as well for about 3 weeks and it is a lot less oily. Thanks so much!!!

  • I bought the anti-acne trial kit for my teenage son and got him to review it. We had tried many products including dermatologists’ products but his acne doesn’t respond. He said that the trial kit works well together and he likes how the wash does not dry the skin or make his skin feel stiff unlike other facial products. The hydrating serum is also very effective since it lessens the oil production in the face. The products do not irritate the skin and there were already positive results as of day 4. The skin was less dry, there were less pimples and a decrease in oil production as well. We have went on to purchase the anti-acne bundle and is happy with the improvements.

  • I bought the bundle for my teenage son. My son’s face got better just with 2 days usage; the acne redness have been reduced. Subsequently, it just improved further with less acne. We are in the midst of our 2nd set and his skin conditions has improved a lot lately.
    Update : His acne totally cleared up after the 3rd set.

    Carina B
  • This set is really amazing. I really enjoy the Anti-Acne Wash in particular. It calmed my skin down and reduced visible redness. The Anti-Acne Solution also helps to reduce upcoming bumps and clogged pores in about 1-2 days. I’ll recommend this to anyone who is suffering from acne and is looking for products that really work. I have mild acne and I can see great improvements after using this set for 3 days! (Prior to that, I was already trying the pore refining serum and anti acne solution for about a week)

    Ariel K
  • I have been struggling with acne since seconday school days. After going through oratane treatment, yes my acne has improved thanks to oratane. but i still struggle with pimples here and there. was trying out different products until i was recommended by a friend to skinlycious. Acne bundle 1st month : nothing much. Nothing new came out. emailed skinlycious to ask why other peoples’ acne cleared so fast. She was very nice and told me to be patient because for her it took 3 months. 2nd month : pimples clearing a bit. bought another anti acne solution. 3rd month : back here to buy another set. clearer skin with a bit of pimples left. She told me that the wash is very good and true enough i can really feel the difference when i dont use the wash. The whole set is awesome.The hydrating serum is light on the skin.

    Becky Becks
  • 💗 the Anti – acne solution! I have sensitive skin and am very prone to breakouts. Together with the hydrator, this works like a charm 

    Rebecca Chan
  • I have suffered from Acne for years, until I found Dr. Seah at Bishan, he gave me this cleanser and few other treatment solution and of course I will trust my doctor’s products. This cleanser does not only work on me but also my husband’s acne and we start to order it from 2 or 3 bottles at times on for more convenience. The product doesn’t dry out my skin or cause irritation, it will not clear up your acne immediately but slowly you will see the result. It took 3 months for me to really see the result.

    Candy Le
  • The anti-acne set does work on me! Great products & fantastic service too!

    Elena Teo

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