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Clear your acne and live life confidently!

Effective Proprietary Products. Used by dermatologist and doctor.

Our proprietary products, particularly our Anti-Acne products, have had a long history with a dermatologist. Many customers attest to the efficacy of our products. Be it to clearing acne or maintaining acne-free skin, we have been able to help many customers achieve that.

Founder’s 14 years of acne woes solved with Skinlycious. She formulates, tests and uses all the products.

Our founder, Jasmine, has had a long struggle with different forms of acne. Marrying what worked for her from her two doctors, she founded Skinlycious. More of her story here. Although Jasmine is trained in biological science, it is not sufficient to produce a well-formulated product that is stable. Jasmine works with an experience chemist/formulator to perfect the feel, smell and stability of the products. Testing is then done on all products to back up claims. Every product has been tested on acne, acne-prone, oily, normal and sensitive skin. During the process of formulation, she also discovered that certain ingredients can cause skin to oil up. Do make sure you use the right cleanser/makeup remover!

Till today, Jasmine still uses the full range of Skinlycious products to maintain acne-skin skin.

High Customer Satisfaction

Check out our testimonials here !

I suffered from hormonal acne for one and a half years, I had cystic pimples plus lots of small bumps all over my face. I tried facials, aesthetic procedures like “Theraclear”, other prescibed products from doctors, hormonal supplements and over the counter acne products (from cheaper range to high end ones). All didnt work. I was depressed and ready to give up, until I chanced upon Jasmine’s story. I decided to give this anti acne bundle a try, since it is affordable too.
I am in my 3rd set of anti acne bundle, and I am very happy to say the result had been wonderful. The small bumps and frequent cystic pimples outbreak are gone and the scars have lighten. I have almost clear skin now, and I look forward to it getting even better with persistent usage. Family and friends had commented on how much my skin has improved.
Jasmine has also been really helpful with her encouragement, advices and guidance. She is very professional and gives prompt replies. Excellent service with awesome products. I seldom give reviews, but this is too good not to be shared. If you suffer acne or hormonal acne..i strongly encourage you to give this bundle a try!
Update on 12/08/16 : Today, 2 receptionists from my family clinic commented my skin is looking good and clear now (i went without makeup) compared to last year.. I strongly recommended Skinlycious products to them.”

The active ingredients we use have been tested in the laboratory.

Not only have the active ingredients been scientifically researched on, it has been put in optimal concentrations for best efficacy. Because Jasmine wants the best for herself, she puts in optimal concentration of active ingredients for maximum efficacy for every product.

One such example is our Firm & Lift Serum. It has been proven to increase biosynthesis of collagen in human skin.

Non-sticky, non-greasy, excellent texture and after-feel of products

We put in our best efforts to come up with excellent after-feel of our products. Why? Because Jasmine hates sticky and oily stuff on her face, so she made sure Skinlycious products don’t have such feel. Many sunscreens are either too sticky, leave a white cast or just a thick after-feel. She developed wrinkles at the age of 24 as she disliked the after-feel of sunscreens and didn’t use any. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late to reverse the damage. That’s why she’s an advocate of using sunscreens even when one has acne. We know, most people with acne would not want to put on sunscreens, afraid that it will aggravate their acne. That’s why our sunscreen is light and importantly, packed with anti-oxidants to help lighten hyper-pigmentations (those red/brown acne marks/”scars”).

Cruelty Free. Parabens Free.

We are against animal cruelty. We do not test on animals. We use ingredients that have been proven safe for human use and thereafter test on real human skin, with Jasmine always being the first. Science has advanced so much that we are able to conduct tests on human skin models. There is absolute no need for animal testing.
We do not use parabens in our products. We use ingredients that have been proven safe for use.

Vegetarian / Almost Vegan

We do not use any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients with the exception of lactoserum in Anti-Acne Wash.
The ingredients we use have not been tested on animals too.
As much as we like to do away with lactoserum to have a full vegan brand, we can’t find any replacement ingredient that works as well as lactoserum. Our skin is naturally acidic but when we have acne, it becomes less acidic. Balancing the skin pH is one of the keys to prevent acne. Lactoserum is needed for lactic acid to stay longer on the skin. Without lactoserum, lactic acid would be washed off. By having lactoserum, Anti-Acne Wash is able to work better in balancing skin pH.