The Skinlycious Difference

Science-based Skincare Backed By Real-life Experience

The Experience

Developed and Tested by Acne-Battlers

Founder Jasmine’s acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin is unique. So unique even using a seemingly harmless natural konjac sponge triggered excessive oil production on her face.

Struggling with acne since her teens and having tried so many products that were unsuitable for her skin, Jasmine spent years personally formulating and testing endless permutations of ingredients and concentrations to develop her own range of products that would solve her skincare issues. Throughout her formulating process, she discovered many ingredients that would make her skin oily and breakout. Even different concentrations of the same ingredient could trigger breakouts for her acne-prone skin.

Today, Jasmine involves fellow acne-battlers to help develop Skinlycious new products by involving them during the testing phase. Feedback received is used to improve on test variations before launching any new products.

A Simple and Effective Plan to Clear your Acne

Many people unknowingly wasted so much time, effort and money trying different brands of anti-acne products that don’t work for them, because they might be unaware that they have been repeatedly trying the same kind of ingredients that do not work for their acne skin. 

For years, Jasmine has tested many different active ingredients. She found that the forms, pH and  concentrations matter. Through extensive testing of formulations and incorporating feedback from her customers, she developed two types of acne-fighting spot treatments with distinctive active ingredients catering to different groups of acne-battlers. They are Blemish Corrector and Glow Exfoliant.

To simplify and shorten your search for your acne cure, follow our workflow on how to use Skinlycious products and determine when it is appropriate to switch or add treatments.

Glides Smoothly Without Leaving Your Skin Sticky or Greasy

One of Jasmine’s pet peeves is products that leave a sticky or greasy residue after application. Skinlycious strives to create serums and creams that absorb well and deliver their benefits without leaving your skin sticky or greasy. Our sunscreen doesn’t leave a white cast yet offers sufficient UVA and UVB protection.

The Science

A Simple and Effective Plan for Your Acne

Clean Formulae

All our formulations follow guidelines set by the EU. We adhere to EU guidelines as they conduct comprehensive testing; banning and restricting over 1,300 chemicals compared to just 11 in the US. For example, phthlates are banned in EU but not in USA. EU bans animal testing too but not USA. 

On top of that, we exclude these six ingredients which have been found, through scientific research and our personal experiences, to cause skin issues:

No essential oilsNo parabens
No fragranceNo phthalates
No sulfates (SLS/SLES)No formaldehyde

In short, there is nothing in our products will trigger breakouts in Jasmine’s skin or her customers. This simple philosophy distils Skinlycious products down into just the essential ingredients.

This philosophy came into play when Jasmine decided to include 0.01% tea tree essential oil (EO) into a new cleanser formulation. Although scientifically proven to help acne and with no problems appearing during testing, a small percentage of Jasmine’s customers found themselves breaking out when switching over to the new formulation. Jasmine suspected it was the EO and had customers who were affected use a tea tree EO free formulation. Jasmine’s suspicion was right when those customers got better with the EO free formulation. Thus, no more EO in Skinlycious.

Safe and Thorough Production Processes

All Skinlycious products go through an extensive production process that not all brands are able to undertake.

It starts by manufacturing our products in a certified GMP factory located in Singapore. Our water is purified using a comprehensive reverse-osmosis system with UV sterilization, ensuring that only pure water without microbes and metals is used. Synthesizing Skinlycious products in a clean environment and filling them in sterilized bottles ensures the purity of our active ingredients and keeps potential contaminants like bacteria, moulds and fungus out of our bottles and off your face.

Finally, a certified toxicologist certifies the safety of our products while rigorous lab testing ensures proper preservative systems are in place.

Optimal Actives

Skinlycious prioritises optimal concentrations of active ingredients backed by scientific research in all our formulations; taking pH into account to enable the right conditions for actives to work effectively on your skin. With Jasmine’s biomedical and pharmaceutical background, she’s able to understand and formulate efficacious products.

To this day, Jasmine uses all the products in the Skinlycious’ range. You can be assured that you will have the best skin care solution because Jasmine wants the best for all of us.