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I have been struggling with acne since seconday school days. After going through oratane treatment, yes my acne has improved thanks to oratane. but i still struggle with pimples here and there. was trying out different products until i was recommended by a friend to skinlycious. Acne bundle 1st month : nothing much. Nothing new came out. emailed skinlycious to ask why other peoples’ acne cleared so fast. She was very nice and told me to be patient because for her it took 3 months. 2nd month : pimples clearing a bit. bought another anti acne solution. 3rd month : back here to buy another set. clearer skin with a bit of pimples left. She told me that the wash is very good and true enough i can really feel the difference when i dont use the wash. The whole set is awesome.The hydrating serum is light on the skin.

Becky Becks

This set is really amazing. I really enjoy the Anti-Acne Wash in particular. It calmed my skin down and reduced visible redness. The Anti-Acne Solution also helps to reduce upcoming bumps and clogged pores in about 1-2 days. I’ll recommend this to anyone who is suffering from acne and is looking for products that really work. I have mild acne and I can see great improvements after using this set for 3 days! (Prior to that, I was already trying the pore refining serum and anti acne solution for about a week)

Ariel K

The anti-acne set does work on me! Great products & fantastic service too!

Elena Teo