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Calming Cleanser

Cleanses gently calming redness


Glow Exfoliant

Clears acne, blackheads fast


Blemish Corrector

Clears Acne without Dryness and Peeling


Hydrating Serum

Hydrates & Normalizes Sebum Production


8 in 1 Whitening Sunscreen SPF 41 PA++

Protects and Lightens Acne Marks


Micellar Cleansing Water

Removes makeup without disturbing skin balance


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 Morning Routine

Step 1

Gentle Cleansing

Step 2

Spot Treatment. *Only when necessary*

Step 3

Hydrate and Regulate sebum

Step 4

Anti-Aging or Spot Treatment

Step 5

Protect and Lighten Pigmentations

 Evening Routine

Step 1

Double cleanse or remove makeup / sunscreen

Step 2

Gentle Cleansing

Step 3

Use twice/ thrice weekly on whole face to exfoliate dead skin cells and dissolve clogs

Step 4

Hydrate and Regulate sebum

Step 5

Anti-aging or Spot Treatment

Common Questions

Q1. Where's the toner?

Jasmine, our founder, doesn’t believe in toners and advocates double cleanse instead.

Q2. Where’s the eye cream?

Jasmine doesn’t think a separate eye cream is needed. Hydrating serum mixed with Blemish corrector is good enough.