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Anti-Acne Solution

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Anti-Acne Solution has been discontinued and replaced with Blemish Corrector.

Sorry, this product is not available in your country SKU: N/A. Category . Skin Type: Acne, Acne-prone


  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Breaks down whiteheads, blackheads, acnes
  • Prevents pores from clogging up
  • Lightens acne scars

Active Ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid
    A beta hydroxy acid that is able to deeply penetrate pores, dissolving clogs. An exfoliator that helps to lighten red/brown marks. Originally discovered from willow tree bark.
  • Resorcinol
    Breaks down hardened skin and helps to exfoliate.
  • Alcohol
    Alcohol kills P.Acnes bacteria effectively.

Full Ingredients list
Aqua, Alcohol denatured, Salicylic acid, Resorcinol.

How to Use

To apply over a big surface area, drip 8-12 drops of solution onto a cotton pad and apply twice a day to areas with acnes/clogs. To apply on spots, drip 3 drops of solution on a cotton bud and apply twice a day to individual spots and surrounding areas. Do not use your finger to apply directly. Avoid eye area.

Read this blogpost on the reactions to look out for when you first use Anti-Acne Solution.


Q1. How long do I need to use before I can see results?

A1. Anti-acne products need time to work. For best results, use together with anti-acne wash. A good estimate is 2-3 months. Some people might experience faster results but usually those are the milder cases. After 3 months, if you still do not see any improvement, it’s best you consult a doctor as you might need medication. We recommend Dr Leow as she will be better able to assess your condition and prescribe medications accordingly.

Q2. I experienced some biting sensation when I applied this. Does this mean that it’s not suitable?

A2. It’s common to experience some biting sensation when you first use. Apply hydrating serum quickly over it and the sensation will go away. However, if uncomfortable sensation last more than 5mins, you are probably not suited for this product.

Q3. I noticed that there’s some crystals inside the bottle after a few months. Should I be worried?

A3. There might be some crystallisation over time due to the high potency. However, product is still safe to be used. Just be careful not to have crystals on your cotton pad.

Q4. It seems that the solution gets darker in colour over time. Should I be worried?

A4. There’s some colour change over time but efficacy of anti-acne solution is not affected. You can still continue to use the product.

Q5. I experienced some peeling. Is it normal?

A5. Yes, it’s normal to experience some mild peeling when you first use it. However, if you experience excessive peeling, you might be over-zealous applying our anti-acne solution. Either put less drops of the solution or cut down to once a day. Thereafter, gradually step up the dosage.

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15 reviews for Anti-Acne Solution

  1. Yen Wen

    It works wonders, the size of my pimples gets smaller and smaller each day. The only setback is that the volume is too small. If only there’s a Grande version of it. I don’t mind paying more for quality products!

    • Admin

      Thank you Yen Wen for loving our Anti-Acne Solution! After a few more bottles, you will probably not need it anymore as your acne will be cleared up. By then, you will be getting the mini version for the possible occasional pimples. And we hope for that to happen soon!

  2. Ben

    I am really pleased with the results that the hydrating serum and anti acne solution have shown me so far. My face was dry, sensitive and i also had a few red bumps on my face. But after using these two products for a week, i feel that my red bumps are diminishing and my face is moisturized at the same time. Thanks a lot skinlycious!

  3. Rebecca Chan

    I love the Anti – acne solution! I have sensitive skin and am very prone to breakouts. Together with the hydrating serum, this works like a charm!

  4. Joice

    I have oily face in fact. White heads, acne, redness, bumps, easily to break out.
    This anti-acne solution is good. It cures big bumps. Prevent from clog and white heads forming.
    It works perfectly, red bumps gets smaller, I have significant results in 12 days. White heads did not come back.
    I found this Anti-Acne solution will not work perfectly without the Anti-Acne Wash.
    I experience it. I know the difference now.
    Doesn’t mean it is not working, I would like to say Anti-Acne Solution works slower without Anti-Acne wash.
    Ya, my skin still oily, but it is now coming back to the original condition and excellent for me.

  5. Faith

    I love this product. It reduces the pimple size the very next day. Although it can be albeit dry initially I would suggest most to go easy on the solution. What I did was to drop 6-8 drops on the cotton pad and pat it over affected acne areas. Although it didn’t clear my blackheads, it still reduced my existing pimples and most healed after applying. Overall I’m very satisfied and will come back for more and will even try other products.

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