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A Word From A Former Acne Sufferer

Hello there! My name is Jasmine, Founder of Skinlycious.

14 agonizing years. That’s how long acne permeated my life and tormented me endlessly. Those were my “lost years”, because I hardly took any pictures. I avoid drawing attention to my acne problems. Even looking at the mirror was difficult, because staring back at me would be angry red mountains of pus, seemingly ready to erupt any time. It was a demoralizing sight.

Because of acne, I was extremely self-conscious. I was shy, introverted and withdrawn. I could barely look someone in the eye during conversations, and used to walk with my head down all the time. I was feeling miserable. I often felt like a circus freak, where people were pointing and staring at me because of my deformities. Just my imagination perhaps, but it felt real… too painfully real at times.

I am sure the emotional trauma I went through will resonate with you, my fellow acne sufferers.

I tried anything and everything to get rid of my acne. High-end products, low-end products, painful extractions/facials with beauty salons, doctors after doctors’ consultation, chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion and more; all to no avail. All that wasted time, effort and money spent.

For the last few years before founding Skinlycious, I was struggling with horrible bumpy skin. Acne exists in different forms. No more angry red acne but uncountable whiteheads, so much so that my friends were asking if I had rashes. It was incredibly frustrating.

I was about to resign myself to a lifetime of acne-related problems when I realised that there is still hope! Through my experience of having tried so many different products (drug store brands to high end brands to in-house doctors brands), coupled with my biomedical and pharmaceutical background, I found that certain ingredients, when used in the right concentrations and proportions, could really alleviate my acne woes. I developed the Skinlycious Anti-Acne Bundle, an effective 3 steps regime, that helps to address the root causes of acne. It has helped many customers, including myself, to achieve acne-free skin.

I went on to develop complementary products that are specially tailored for acne/acne-prone skin. I, the founder, personally use all the products in the Skinlycious’s range. You can be assured that you will have the best skin care solution for acne/acne-prone skin because I want the best for myself.

With the many ‘Thank You’ I received from customers, I found my calling: To create a one-stop skin care solution for people with acne/acne-prone skin. An effective range of products that acne sufferers can use with a peace of mind, knowing that Skinlycious products is suitable for them. Because these products have been tried and tested by people who suffer from acne, and proven to give real visible results.

Today, I’m a proud mumpreneur who juggles family life with my passion for helping acne sufferers like you. I’m grateful for having gone through years of acne torment and finally overcoming it. It puts me in a position to be able to share with you my knowledge and experience to help you overcome the very same problems I was plagued with.

I’m committed to help you solve your acne woes. Because I know what it’s like to suffer from something you cannot seem to control – to feel helpless and alone. The every smile and happiness I received from customers, fuels my drive to help more acne sufferers achieve smooth and beautiful clear skin.

I want you to know that it is possible to achieve acne-free skin. I’m living proof. I found my acne cure. Together, we can put acne behind you and look forward to a brighter, clearer and more confident future!

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