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Skinlycious cares about every ingredient we put in our products. Our founder, Jasmine, personally uses the full range of Skinlycious products. She wants the best for herself, so you can be assured she doesn’t stinge on the active ingredients.

Research was done on active ingredients to determine optimal concentrations and to achieve maximum effectiveness on human skin. Our proprietary range of anti-acne products have had many customers attesting to their effectiveness. We test our products on real people before launching any products into our range.

We’ve been smart about our packaging, doing our best to make sure our products stay fresh to the very last drop.For most products, we use airless bottles, which leave minimal residue, prevent dry out and reduce contamination or discolouration.

Skinlycious is also committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and quality for our products. All products are manufactured in our Singapore factory under sterile conditions.

No Frills

We cut unnecessary costs in every way possible, without compromising on quality, to translate the cost-savings directly to you. Why pay for unnecessary frills when you just need an effective skincare product?

Celebrity endorsements are unnecessary, when that hefty sum of money can be used to bring down costs for our customers. Our endorsements/reviews come from real people with real acne problems. Our founder, Jasmine, solves her own skin care woes with Skinlycious products.

You can be assured that every dollar you’re spending on our products is absolutely worth it.


Skinlycious puts our utmost into finding the best source of ingredients. Even when plant actives in our products require sourcing from rare plant species, we find innovative and sustainable ways to harvest them.

We take a firm stand against animal testing, and do not use animal derived ingredients.

Your online shopping experience should be enjoyable, pleasant and fuss-free – that’s what we believe. You can be assured that all product reviews on our website are truly from our customers.