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Whether it’s battling puberty breakouts or adult acne, zits and blemishes are like uninvited guests who just show up with no prior notice.

Strait Times : Beauty and the pandemic: Skinlycious ‘acne fighter’ goes global in helping others

SINGAPORE – Self-confessed “science geek” Jasmine Kang is no beauty junkie. Instead, the 38-year-old founder of skincare brand Skinlycious says it is her passion for science and wish to cure her lifelong acne that spurred her to create her brand in 2013. Skinlycious offers products tailored specifically to acne-prone skin.

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No matter if you are facing acne problems for a long time, or bursting with acne due to late sleep and stress, the editor recommends several anti-acne products, you must remember!

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Jasmine Kang’s foray into skincare started with her own issues with acne. For more than a decade, the founder of Singapore-based Skinlycious battled acne so she researched and learned ways to balance her skin.

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Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit launch featured in the June 2021 Issue of Luxe by KL Lifestyle, featuring seven products that provide users with a complete skincare routine, the kit addresses the root causes of acne, giving users a complete and lasting solution to achieve clear skin.

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Beauty expert review on Skinlycious Products.

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Formulated with EU guidelines that restrict over 1,300 chemicals and animal testing, Skinlycious ensure that there are no ingredients in their products that can trigger breakouts in your skin.

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