FAQ - Skinlycious

Q 1 –   Why is there no product being pumped out when I first use it?

A 1 – For new products, you will need to pump a few times before products will be released. Most of the products are being packaged in airless bottles. There’s a disc at the bottom of the bottle that needs to be activated and will push the products up, minimising wastage and contamination.


Q 1 – Your discounts are not very substantial, huh?

A 1 – We cannot afford to give huge discounts as we have priced our items such that the margins are not very high. We have already passed on most of the cost-savings to you in our original retail price.


Q 1 – Are there other options other than Singapore bank transfer and PayPal? I don’t have both.

A 1 – As long as you have a credit or debit card, you are able to make payment through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make credit card payment through PayPal.


Q 1 – Are your products reliable since you are only selling them in your webstore?

A 1 – Absolutely! SkinLYcious is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and quality for the products it makes and sells. All products in our facial skin care range are manufactured in Singapore in sterile conditions. Active ingredients used has proven efficacy based on studies conducted on them. All products are tried and tested before we launch. These are quality products with optimal active ingredients to maximise efficacy. We are selling it online so as to pass the cost savings of rental and overheads to you!


Q 2 – Any products for dry skin?

A 2 – Our Hydrating serum, Firm & Lift Serum, 8 in 1 Whitening Sunscreen and Micellar Cleansing Water are suitable for all skin types. Do note that for people with dry skin, you have to use another cream/oil-based moisturiser after applying Hydrating Serum.


Q 1 – Do you allow self-collection?

A 1 – Yes, we do have self-collection service at Bugis Junction, Toy Outpost, #03-10B. You can also purchase directly from there.