Double Cleansing benefits and 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

When I came across the 10 step korean skin care routine, I balked at it. Double cleansing was advocated. Honestly, for acne, acne-prone and sensitive skin, I always believe less is more. The more products we put on our face, the higher the risk that it might trigger sensitivity, oily skin and acne. I have had experience where milder surfactants made my skin oily when I was working on the anti-acne wash and cleansing water formulations. Just recently, I was testing different preservatives on my skin and found that some preservatives actually caused me to have more oily skin. This result was surprising to my formulator and I as it has not been documented in books or taught.

The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Step 1 : Oil based cleanser
Step 2 : Water based cleanser
Step 3 : Exfoliation (Up to twice a week)
Step 4 : Toners (To help balance your skin’s pH as well as prepping your skin for better absorption of products thereafter)
Step 5 : Essence (A kind of toner and serum hybrid)
Step 6 : Serums, Boosters and Ampoules (Concentrated essence)
Step 7 : Sheet Masks (Once or twice a week)
Step 8 : Eye Cream
Step 9 : Moisturiser
Step 10 : Sun Protection (Morning) or Sleeping Pack a.k.a Rich Night Cream (Night)

Let’s get down to double cleansing! Micellar Cleansing Water


It’s the first two of the ten steps that is advocated by the 10 steps korean skin care regime. When we put on makeup, we
will definitely double cleanse with a makeup remover, followed by a cleanser. How about days that we don’t put on makeup? Do you double cleanse? I didn’t until I tried it for two weeks and was convinced by the results. Previously, before coming up with Skinlycious Micellar Cleansing Water, I had a difficult time looking for a suitable makeup remover. I went through many rounds of testing before I finally found a formula that didn’t oil up my skin.

Two weeks of consistent double cleansing, here’s what I observed

As I work from home, I don’t usually wear makeup. Even on weekends, I can get a little lazy. After all, having struggled with bad skin for half of my life, I really appreciate the days I can step out of the house confidently without makeup. Thus, being consistent in double cleansing is a new routine for me. But because I had to test a new formula (just a minor tweak on the preservatives used) for the makeup remover/cleansing water, I started using the cleansing water consistently every evening. After using the cleansing water, I used the Anti-Acne Wash.

To my pleasant surprise, I realized that I had very much less clogs/whiteheads. I am very prone to skin colored bumps. These bumps usually dissolve after I put Anti-Acne Solution but as the day progresses, little bumps start appearing again when the dust/dirt starts clogging my pores. And then the cycle repeats everyday. But after consistently double cleansing in the evening, there were very much less bumps.

The routine we recommend for acne-prone skin


How do our recommended regimen measure up to the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine?

Steps 1 and 2 : Essentially, the 10 steps are more functional. I’m sold on double cleansing even when we don’t apply makeup as I have experienced real improvements on my skin. However, oil cleansers are totally not for me. Water based cleansers only.

Step 3 : As for exfoliation, when we have acne, avoid physical exfoliators, like scrubs, as that will irritate our skin further. Use chemical exfoliators instead. Chemical exfoliators are found in Skinlycious Anti-Acne Wash(lactic acid) and Anti-Acne Solution(salicylic acid). Thus, you don’t need an extra product for exfoliation. For acne and acne-prone skin, exfoliation is important to clear up the clog pores.

Step 4 : What about toners? I don’t believe in them. To balance skin pH, a good cleanser will be doing that. Our Anti-Acne Wash has lactic acid and lactoserum to help balance skin pH. When we have acne, our skin tends to be more alkaline. However, healthy skin pH is actually slightly acidic. Bacteria thrives more in alkaline skin too. Shifting our skin back to acidic pH is also a key component to help clear acne and maintain acne free skin.

So, if the cleanser is able to balance skin pH, there’s really no need for a toner. That’s why I don’t offer toners in my brand. You can read more here about my views on toners. And the part where they claim it’s to prep the skin for the next step by adding hydration. I would think just use your serum twice would yield even better results. Save your money on toners.

Step 5 : Essence. Again, an unnecessary product. Double dosing on your serums would probably give yield better results.

Step 6 : Serums/Boosters/Ampoules. This is important. For acne, acne-prone, oily skin, our skin is often oily but dehydrated. By replenishing water back into our skin, our skin feels hydrated and will in turn produce less sebum/oil. It’s good to start anti-aging skin care early. I always believe prevention is better than cure. A good start is mid to late twenties. Build up our collagen bank as collagen depletes when we age, leading to saggy skin, wrinkles and bigger pores.

Step 7 : Sheet Masks.You can add in masks occasionally if you want. However, be very careful with what you use. When I was younger, those sheet masks that I bought from Korea made me to breakout. Currently, I don’t add any masks to my regimen other than the occasional masks that are done in my aesthetic doctor’s clinic. I have been with him for many years, so the nurses understand my skin pretty well and know what to use. An example is clay masks are supposedly good for oily skin but I developed sensitivity to clay after I used Dermalogica’s clay cleanser for period of time. Even after more than a decade of stopping clay cleanser, my skin is still sensitive to clay.

Step 8 : Eye Creams. I just use Skinlycious hydrating serum and firm & lift serum around my eyes. On the whole face including neck. There’s no need for a separate cream for the eye. Those serums are already very potent but as they are not rich and thick, the likelihood of causing milia seeds is very very low.

Step 9 : Moisturiser. Generally, for acne, acne-prone and oily skin, we are lacking of hydration. With the hydrating serum, there should be enough hydration. However, if you are more mature and struggling with acne, hydrating serum might not be enough for you. Or in countries with winter, it might be necessary to add on a moisturiser after the serums to lock the moisture in. Again, do not use thick moisturisers as that might worsen your acne.

Step 10 : Sun Protection (Morning) or Sleeping Pack (Night)
Sun protection is an absolute must even when we have acne. Our 8 in 1 Whitening Sunscreen is packed with natural antioxidants to help lighten those hyper-pigmentation brown/purple/red “scars” left when the acne is healing. Extra benefits while protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays.

Sleeping pack at night?? Erm. It would probably be too rich and cause outbreaks.

Last Words

Actually, as a beauty brand owner, it’s better for consumers to use more products on their face, so that they can buy more products from beauty companies. Ker-ching! But hey, that’s not what Skinlycious and I stand for. Our goal is to create essential products that help to clear acne and maintain acne-free skin. I offer my customers what I want to use and is using daily. I want the best for myself, so you get the best from us too!

With the full range of Skinlycious products, we have gotten you covered for proper cleansing, clearing acne, hydration, anti-aging, firming, lifting, lightening “scars”/pigmentations, whitening, brightening.



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.