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What’s the hype with Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Hyaluronic acid is THE skincare ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Hyaluronic acid is found
naturally in the body. It is a critical component of skin that helps retain moisture, keeps the skin firm, and aids in tissue repair. In the presence of hyaluronic acid, collagen production is also increased.

Hyaluronic acid holds moisture very well; holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. As we age, natural production of hyaluronic acid diminishes and our skin is no longer as supple and youthful-looking. Replacing hyaluronic acid is an effective way to make the skin look younger.

There’s plenty of hyaluronic acid/sodium hyaluronate serum in the market. Their price ranges from the mass market 20+ to 100+ or more.So, how do you choose the best hyaluronic acid serum for yourself?

3 ways to identify the hyaluronic acid serum that’s worth your money.

Look at the labels, especially the ingredients.

1) Check if hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate is in the ingredient list.

Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is bigger in molecular size than sodium hyaluronate, thus it is less effective in penetrating the skin. Assuming the same concentration, a sodium hyaluronate serum would be much better than a hyaluronic acid serum, because more would be absorbed.

2) Look at the order of the listed ingredients.

It is mandatory to list ingredients according to the percentage present. The first ingredient listed would have the highest concentration. We are using the label on our hydrating serum (active ingredient-sodium hyaluronate) as an example. First ingredient is aqua, which means water is found in the highest concentration.

You might be thinking why should I pay so much for a broth of water. Water is necessary because hyaluronic acid absorbs and retains water. If the serum does not contain water, when hyaluronic acid is being absorbed into the skin, hyaluronic acid will take water from your skin. Therefore, too high a concentration of hyaluronic acid is not good as well as it might devoid your skin of hydration. Again, the key is optimal concentration. No, there’s no such thing as 100% hyaluronic acid serum, etc. If it’s 100% hyaluronic acid, it exists as a solid form.

3) Try it! Feel the difference. Be your own judge. 

Other than looking at the label of the listing of ingredients, you would have to try it to feel the difference. This is because there are different grades and molecular size of sodium hyaluronate / hyaluronic acid. The smaller the size, the deeper the penetration into the skin. Also, the actual concentration of sodium hyaluronate / hyaluronic acid being used matter as well. These are information that you will not be able to find out from the labels. Each brand is different. At Skinlycious, we guard these information to keep our formulation proprietary. Our formulation is non-sticky, non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. You have to try it to feel the difference.

See below two examples of real users comparing Skinlycious hydrating serum/hydrator to other brands. Rebecca is a dear friend, who used to get her hyaluronic acid serum from the same GP as me. The other photo, with blurred out name and photo, was a conversation between a beauty blogger and I.


What about packaging of hyaluronic acid serums used?

Most hyaluronic acid serums come in dropper bottles because they look more expensive. However, note that every time you open your dropper bottle, the whole bottle of serum is exposed to air and possible bacteria contamination.

Skinlycious hyaluronic acid serum a.k.a hydrating serum is packed in pumped bottles. Pump bottles ensure that contamination is reduced to the minimum and the product is kept fresher for a longer period.

My love affair with hyaluronic acid serum

My love affair with hyaluronic acid serums started more than a decade ago. Because I had acne and I didn’t use any moisturisers, I had a deep wrinkle on my forehead at the age of 24. When I started working as a pharmaceutical sales representative, I met my aesthetic doctor. He introduced hyaluronic acid serum to me. For many years, I have been paying more than SGD$100 for a bottle of 30ml of hyaluronic acid serum. Although I felt heartache every time I use this serum, I continued for many years because I saw my wrinkle disappear and my skin firmer and hydrated. As I have oily and acne-prone skin, hyaluronic acid serum serves as my only moisturiser. This also demystifies that using a skin care for too long will lose its effectiveness.

After I founded Skinlycious, I decided to make a power hyaluronic acid serum at an affordable price. My chemist was saying I was pricing too low, given that I am putting in maximum concentration of hyaluronic acid. But because I want to use it, it has to be the best. Maximum concentration for maximum efficacy. I also want to price it such that people won’t feel the burn when they use it. 

Men can use it too! My hubby uses Skinlycious hydrating serum as his moisturiser too. Just recently, a caucasian friend was telling me how her
hubby wasn’t able to find use any moisturiser as he has very problematic skin (acne, psoriasis, rosacea). After her hubby tried Skinlycious hydrating serum for two weeks, his skin condition improved so much that they would like to bring Skinlycious into Australia.

Here’s some other reviews of Skinlycious hydrating serum by a few of our other customers.

P.S. I use it as a hand cream too as it’s non-sticky and non-oily. I dont’t really like the oily feel of the usual hand creams leaving a film on my hands and fingerprints on my handphone. Furthermore, our hands are one of the body parts that ages more quickly, so replenishing hyaluronic acid makes sense as well.



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.