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The Making of Gentle Calming Cleanser

The Making of Gentle Calming Cleanser

As explained in my earlier post, I had to make some changes to the old formulation and labels of Anti-Acne Wash.

In the past, some customers feedback to us that they couldn’t accept the smell of Anti-Acne Wash. Some weren’t very happy with my use of sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) or fragrance. In all honesty, I wasn’t too keen to have these two ingredients in my products. But without fragrance, the wash would have smelled much much worse. As for SLES, at that point of time, it was the only surfactant(cleansing agent) that didn’t oil up my skin. I tried many different individual sulfate free surfactants but they all oiled up my skin.

But all these have changed with the improved formula. We have removed fragrance and SLES and replaced them with other less controversial ingredients.

A Summary of Ingredients that  have changed

  • A unique blend of natural coconut-derived surfactants to replace SLES. In the past, when I was formulating Anti-Acne Wash before it was launched, I have tried some of the individual surfactants that I have used in the new cleanser, like Cocamidopropyl Betaine, but they all oiled my skin up. I was pleasantly surprised that with this unqiue blend of gentle surfactants, my skin wasn’t oily after washing. Best of all, it cleanses better and is even more gentle. I got a few friends with sensitive and dry skin, who found Anti-Acne Wash too drying for them, to test the new cleanser out. They all gave the green light. No tightness after washing, cleanses well and no redness.
  • I also replaced fragrance with Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Honey. Other than providing additional anti-bacterial properties into this new cleanser, these ingredients also made the new cleanser smell better (at least to me) without the need to add fragrance.

Why the change in name?

Many have the misconception that Anti-Acne Wash can only be used when they have acne. Anti-Acne products also has the perception that it’s harsh. It’s true that a lot of brands out there when they come out with Anti-Acne range, it can be drying and harsh. That’s because many of the formulators or brand owners or even doctors don’t have acne or acne-prone skin to begin with, what more to test on themselves.

We renamed it to Gentle Calming Cleanser, so that people would not perceive our cleanser to be harsh or drying. And we based this on actual tests done on dry, sensitive human skin.

Why is the bottle height different?

Although the bottles’ height are different, both contents are still the same at 150ml. Previously, we had to fill 150ml in a 200ml bottle.

When I first started, I wasn’t even sure if the brand would take off. I had to use whatever bottles I could find in Singapore. I didn’t have the means to order from source and stock large number of bottles. But now, thanks to all my customers’/your support, I’m able to order the 150ml bottle in bulk from source.

Last Words

I try to my best present knowledge to give my skin the best. So, you will get the very best too. Let me know your feedback after you have tried via email/comments/what’s app. I would love to hear from you. Leave us a review on our facebook/website if you love the new Gentle Calming Cleanser. I am absolutely in love with the new cleanser.

About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.

A New Beginning for Skinlycious

A New Beginning for Skinlycious

Why reformulate?

We had an interest from a big pharmacy chain in EU to import our products. However, we had to make changes to the labels and some of the ingredients used. EU is really peculiar and even the word “ACNE” cannot be used on labels.

This was when I decided to rebrand and make improvements to our whole range of products. This was a 2+ year project in the making. I didn’t expect to drag on for two years but alas, it took that long for reformulations and testings. I just couldn’t launch any products that I didn’t believe in. After all, I’m using all these products myself. And I’ve always tell my customers that you can trust my products as I want the best for myself.

For the new product that is replacing Anti-Acne Solution, it took more than 40 over variations before I finally found something that is better or at least equivalent in efficacy. Along the way, the original formulator I worked with gave up on my project, as they said my standards were too high. I had to find a new formulator to work with. I also engaged a regulatory body in EU to run through my products and to make sure that everything passes EU standard. I took so long that the first regulatory body didn’t want to work with me anymore. I had to find a new regulatory body to work with. But thank god, everything is falling in place nicely.

A new look

The old logo, packaging designs were done by me with Adobe Illustrator skills learnt off YouTube. When I started Skinlycious, I didn’t have that much funds and a lot was done in a bootstrap way. To me, the most important was the content of the products. Aesthetics were less of a priority.

As Skinlycious gained more customers and profits were made, funds have been channeled back into improving the brand. We engaged a designer to give us a fresh new look. The new look was completed in 2017 but as formulations weren’t ready, we couldn’t roll it out. We have also upgraded our website 4 times over these 5 years.


A big big THANK YOU to my family, friends and customers (past and present). I can never thank all of you enough for your continuous support. Without your trust in me and support of Skinlycious, I wouldn’t have the funds to make continuous improvements.

To the group of testers, who have been involved in the testing phase, thank you! I wouldn’t be able to progress confidently without your feedback.

To all whom have feedback to me along the way; took your time to review our products, do know that you played a big part to help shape the improved formulations. Thank you.

A little bit more about me

During this period, I also went through a difficult pregnancy. There were scares that baby wasn’t growing well. I had placenta previa (placenta covering cervix). I was admitted into hospital for bleeding at 34 weeks and my ObGyn was afraid I would go into pre-term labour. For the last 2 months of my pregnancy, I was bed bound. I wasn’t able to sit for long nor walk. I had to work in bed. Thankfully, baby was delivered healthy at 37 weeks and I was fine too. She’s my second child but my 5th pregnancy, so you can imagine how relieved our family were when she was born healthy. She’s a healthy 4 months old now.

After birth, there was no maternity leave either. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’m just so happy that things are moving in the positive direction. Skinlycious is my other baby that is too precious to me.

About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.

Affordable acne treatment : anti-acne products and doctors

Affordable acne treatment : anti-acne products and doctors

Why affordable acne treatment? Because I have struggled to pay.

My initial struggles

My family wasn’t exactly well-to-do. I supported myself through university by giving Chemistry and Biology tuition; working as a banquet waitress; selling computers in IT shows. I completed my NUS Degree in Biomedical Science in 2.5 years instead of 3 years, just so that I could save on a semester school fees. I had to take a student loan to pay for my university school fees.

My acne woes began when I was 15 years old. My search for affordable acne treatment began in the drugstores with cheaper anti-acne products, like Neutrogena, Proactiv, Clean & Clear. They didn’t work. So, I moved on to mid-range products like Body Shop, Clinique and then to more expensive brands like Dermalogica. All of them didn’t help with my acne. I tried a beauty salon and they only made my acne condition worse. I spent more than a thousand dollars on products and packages for facials. After a few very painful sessions of extractions, I stopped going to them. My package was wasted but I didn’t have a choice. Thereafter, I went to doctors to seek help.

Dermatologists vs Aesthetic Doctors

Throughout my journey of finding a cure for my acne, I have tried quite a few doctors. However, most of them were GPs as I couldn’t afford dermatologists. And it also happen that these GP were my customers. Consultations with dermatologists are at least S$100 and above while GPs and aesthetic doctors charge from S$25-40. Private dermatologist products are often more expensive compared to GPs as well. Dermatologists charge more than GPs because they require an additional 6 years of specialised training after completing medical school. Aesthetic doctors are mostly GPs who do aesthetics like lasers, agnes treatment, botox, fillers, etc.

A good example of GP skin doctor, who many mistaken for dermatologist, is Niks Maple Clinic. I was an ex-patient of Dr Ong from Maple Clinic. The multiple chemical peel sessions from Maple Clinic left my skin super sensitive. I also didn’t like the products of Niks as it felt like my face has a thick layer of products. I can’t remember how long I was with Niks Maple Clinic as it was more than 10 years ago. But I definitely stuck on for more than 6 months before I knew the treatment wasn’t working for my acne.

The 3 doctors who have helped me in my acne free journey.

  1. Dr Gary Keong, Valley Medical Centre (Clinic & Dr has since changed as this was more than 10 yrs ago)
    When I was a poor student, he gave me discounts for my accutane / roaccutane treatment. My university mate was working part-time as a clinic assistant on weekends in this clinic. She told the doctor about my plight and the doctor kindly gave me a discount for my acne treatment. I went through a 6 months course of accutane. He didn’t have skin care products though. It stopped my obvious big red cystic acne but I still struggled with clogged bumpy skin.
  2. My aesthetic dr (cannot be named)
    Dr helped me achieve and maintain acne free skin for 3 years when I undergo lasers biannually and microdermabrasion treatment monthly. This is also the dr who introduced cosmeceutical grade skin care to me. His products are mostly more than S$100 for a 30ml size. I was first introduced to hyaluronic acid serum by this dr and fell in love with this serum as it helped remove my deep forehead wrinkle. I had a deep wrinkle on my forehead at the age of 24 and that’s because I didn’t have a proper skin care regime. If you don’t already know, Skinlycious is selling a potent hyaluronic acid serum at close to 66% cheaper of dr’s price because this is a product I cannot live without. Now, I still go to this dr for occasional aesthetic procedures like laser for skin rejuvenation.
  3. Dr Seah PP
    Dr Seah was the only dermatologist I consulted for my acne. He’s a really nice doctor who gave students discount on his consultation fees. A real pity he has passed away in 2015.

The second phase in life when I was really poor

The second time when I was damn poor was when I decided to start a business after I was fired from my job. I was jaded and I thought my career was finished with a blemished record. The picture on the right sums up why I was fired. I invested my savings and did my first business full time for 1.5 years. I failed, lost all my savings and owed my parents money. Because of stress during this period, my acne flared up again. My whole face was filled with uncountable closed comedones, so much so that friends were asking if I had rash. This time, my aesthetic doctor couldn’t help me. The aesthetic procedures didn’t work anymore. And when I was so poor, I could feel the pain in my pocket with every pump of the $100+ hyaluronic acid serum. However, there weren’t suitable products out there that I could use nor do I dare to try new products for fear of worsening my acne.

I closed the business after 1.5 years and went back to work. Thankfully, many doctors gave me good testimonials, and I had 3 job offers. When I went back to work, a nurse introduced Dr Seah to me when she saw my acne skin. I went to see him and by using using his home-made old school products in unglam medicine bottles and prescription cream, together with products from my aesthetic dr, I cleared my acne after 3 months. Skinlycious was born in 2013 and we worked with Dr Seah, referring severe and moderate acne cases to him. He was carrying prescribing Skinlycious products on top of some prescription creams/medications to his patients.

Best Anti-Acne products were born

A little shameless here to claim that Skinlycious has the best anti-acne products since I’m the founder. But Skinlycious products have worked the best for me. And it’s because of Skinlycious products that I can still maintain my acne free skin. I’m still using every product in the range now. The testimonials from satisfied customers also add on to my belief that Skinlycious products are great. Of course, everybody’s skin is different and there will be some who are unsuitable for my products. A small number of people might experience purging with salicylic acid. I hope acne sufferers can try my products as first-line. If it doesn’t work, we can identify which ingredients they are sensitive to and suggest an alternative.

Having gone through many aesthetic procedures like lasers, microdermabrasion, blue light therapy, chemical peels, I can confidently say that the best treatment for acne is still medication and correct skin care products. Through this process of formulating Skinlycious products, I also discovered that many ingredients could make my skin oil up. Thus, firming my belief that using the right skin care coupled with the right medications and prescription, would be the best acne treatment. Major plus is that it’s a much more affordable acne treatment than procedures like lasers or agnes treatment.

A gap in complete acne care

After the passing of Dr Seah, I always felt that there’s a gap where I couldn’t give my customers a more complete care. I know for severe cases, they would need medications. I, myself, benefited from taking Accutane. And for moderate cases, if they want to see results faster, they could head down to see a doctor for retinoic acid cream.

I did ask quite a few aesthetic doctors if they would like to incorporate my products into their treatment but all of them have their own skin care line and obviously, they are not as cheap as my products. I got rejected by all of them.

Introducing Dr Leow Cheng Gek, Jade Medical Clinic

Dr Leow was recommended to me by a friend. She said that she’s the best doctor she has seen so far.

I shared with her my vision of having effective, affordable acne treatment. I’m glad that she shares the same vision. I know how it’s like to be struggling and paying for expensive products and treatments. I just hope that by pricing my products more affordable, I can help more people clear their acne.

If you have acne and would like a professional consultation, you can visit Dr Leow @ Jade Medical Clinic.
8 Eu Tong Sen Street
#13-99 The Central Office Tower 1
Tel: 62259813

Dr Leow Cheng Gek in Attendance

Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri:

9.00am to 5.00pm (Walk-In)

5.00pm to 6.00pm (By Appointment Only)

Sat:                 8:30 am to 1.00pm (Last Registration 11.45am)

Sun:                By Appointment Only.

Special thanks to these other doctors.

I met these doctors when I was working as a pharmaceutical representative selling drugs to doctors.

Dr Sng L. C, Rowell Clinic
She saw my skin condition and asked me if I would like to take Diane 35 (contraceptive/hormone pill) for my acne. I took it for 3 months and there was no improvement, so I stopped. Nonetheless, I really appreciate the discount on the drugs.

Dr Judy Chen, Pariqua Clinic
An equipment company loaned her a blue light emitting machine. Usually, the equipment companies will loan the doctors to try out their machines. If the doctors like it, they buy it. Blue light therapy is known to help improve acne condition. Dr Chen offered free blue light therapy treatment for me as she wanted to test out the machine. For two weeks, I would head down to her clinic during lunch hours and try out blue light therapy. There weren’t any significant improvements to my acne after the intensive blue light therapy. Needless to say, she didn’t buy the machine and returned it to the company.



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.

A Business turned Mission and Passion

A Business turned Mission and Passion

It wasn’t meant to start out as a mission to help others;  to help those who have suffered from
acne like me. But it had morphed to as such – a mission and passion. It fills me with immense happiness whenever I hear how our customers, especially those who have shared their acne pain with me, have had their acne cleared using our products.

When new customers thank me for sharing my story, giving them hope and warmth, it warms me up too. When these customers share their acne pain with me, it reminded me what I have gone through. And I pray hard that my products will help them clear their acne and they can enjoy clear skin.
I started a business because I couldn’t work and I wanted to supplement the household income. You can read more here. I started a skin care business because my ex-partner asked if I was interested in starting this business.

Sometimes, god just has a better idea for you.

Initially, I wasn’t sure of my positioning of my brand, Skinlycious. I wasn’t sure if I should :
1) Target the mass market and position it as a more clinical brand such as ‘effective skin care backed by science’. After all, the active ingredients used have been thoroughly researched on.
2) Target the acne market and position it as an acne brand.


However, a year into the business, I realised that my most loyal customers are those who had their acne cleared with our products. They were the ones who were recommending friends to try Skinlycious. But the greatest realisation was that I genuinely share the joy of my customers, when they had their acne cleared.

When I received this email from Munirah, I couldn’t help smiling the whole day! I was so happy that Munirah is so happy with our products. There were many other emails we received complimenting how happy they are. Every time I read such emails or reviews left on our website, I would be smiling. And for some, I would be shedding some tears of joy, especially those whom has shared their acne pain with me.

Of course, there were a few customers who did not experience such exhilarating results. As with all skin care products, there would be some that might not be suitable. I cannot promise that my anti-acne products will work for all. The fact that I know is that to me, it’s the best anti-acne products and if I had found this earlier, I would not have had to suffer for more than a decade. All I can say, if you have acne, do try our products first. Honestly, I feel as disappointed as my customer when it didn’t work for them. I would try my best to find out if it could be other reasons that could be causing the loss of effect, such as mixing with other products, or undergoing other procedures to thin the skin.

There was a customer who complained about dryness and after going through her routine, we realised that it’s because she has used too many cleansers. After cutting down on another brand’s cleanser, she experienced much better results with our products. I am really glad that she asked us questions and  we managed to identify the cause and improve her skin condition.

Rebranding in the process

So, now, I am revamping the whole brand and website to be acne focused. I hope that I can reach out to more acne sufferers and help them solve their acne woes.



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.

The struggles of a mumpreneur – my infant and my business

The struggles of a mumpreneur – my infant and my business

Are you a mumpreneur? Do you struggle to balance your role as a mum and an entrepreneur? 

Do you often feel guilty that you could be doing more for your business but just don’t have the time or energy to push your business further? Do you feel guilty that you can’t give full attention to your little one(LO) as your mind might be thinking of ways to improve your business? I do.

I am a mumpreneur, albeit an unintentional one. My hubby had a work posting in Jakarta and I followed him. Stay-at-home mum was my destiny since I was not able to work as an expat wife. We were one of the youngest expat couples among the Singapore/Malaysia groups that we knew of. Being young is great but when your hubby is still climbing up the corporate ladder, benefits are not that fantastic; pay is not astronomically high; baby is on the way; expenses climbing, I felt the need to do something to supplement our family income, and Skinlycious was born. Skinlycious is also special because it’s a tribute to my child that never made it to this world. The day I set up my company was the day I started bleeding.

Fast forward till today, I am a mum to a 10 months old baby.

I gave up breastfeeding after 3 months. 

My first taste of struggle to balance my role as a mum and an entrepreneur was right after my baby popped. Baby popped much earlier than his due date. I was preparing for a new product launch then. Being a new mum, I struggled to breastfeed my LO. Milk supply took a while to kick in. Baby seems to be latching every other hour and I’m exhausted. However, my new product, firm & lift serum, is in too and there’s an expiry date. I had to push it out soon. Furthermore, I had a few loyal customers, whom have tested the serum, was waiting eagerly for me to launch. So, during my confinement month, I was working very hard to launch firm & lift serum. My milk was insufficient and my baby had to be supplemented with formula. I’ve tried fenugreek, herbal tea, fish soup, papaya soup, pig stomach’s soup, etc to boost milk supply but it just didn’t work. I guess I was too stressed up, thus affecting my milk supply. When it’s your own business, it’s really hard to just switch off and enjoy maternity leave.

When baby was 3 months old, we went back to Jakarta and I decided to stop breastfeeding. I figured that a less tired mummy would benefit the baby more. I think, importantly, I’ve tried my best.

How I almost lost my life not once but twice in a month

I commissioned a new website after 6 months into selling our products as I knew this business could make it. Skinlycious products were getting good reviews and there were word-of-mouth recommendations. The developers took a long time and after pushing them for months, we were rushing to launch the new website before August 2014, as I had a pop-up store in Penang. Being in a foreign land with no help, I had to do chores, cook and look after a baby. By the time, baby is asleep and my chores are completed, it’s 10pm. I worked from 10pm to 2-4am every night for a month on my new website. I still remember it was the world-cup season and I watched almost every late night match. Baby still wakes up for night feed and 3 hours of consecutive sleep was a luxury.

First incident

I was so exhausted that there was once, I was steaming his puree and putting him to sleep. I fell asleep and his Combi bowl and spoon that were
steriliser safe actually melted in my ceramic pot. Even the water in my plastic water jug near the stove turned very hot in the jug. It was only when hubby came back and smelt burnt plastic and asked me about it that I remembered I was steaming baby’s puree. I could have burnt my kitchen/house down! Gasp!

Second Incident

I went back to Singapore to deposit baby with my mum so that I can fly to Penang for Skinlycious’ pop-up store. We were invited to Penang to represent Singapore brands. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep while driving on the first lane on the expressway in Singapore. The fatigue suddenly hit me and I felt that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I remembered slapping myself to keep myself awake and the next moment I heard scrapping noises. I woke up and realised that the right side of my car had scrapped the bushes along the expressway. My baby was strapped in his car seat in the back passenger seat. My heart was racing and I was damn awake after that as I knew I could have killed myself and my baby.

Moral of the story and a reminder to myself :

It’s really ok to slow down my business. I really cannot have the best of all worlds. At least for now, I know I have been a good mum and wife. I am blessed that my business is profitable and is growing organically, so aggressive marketing and bigger plans can wait until perhaps baby is less needy. He needs me more than my business at this moment.

And never drive or cook when exhausted! Don’t try to be a superwoman.

P.S. As I am writing this, I am feeling sleep-deprived as my baby is going through teething phase. He woke up every hour last night crying, wanting to be cradled!



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.

I had years of my life missing because of acne

I had years of my life missing because of acne

My acne was so bad that I refused to look at myself in the mirror and take photos

I decided to write this post as I noticed that there were people searching for positivity for acne sufferers. I hope by sharing my story, whoever out there who needs some positivity booster can draw some strength.

Searching for a photo to see how bad my acne was previously drew a blank. If only I could use my own before/after photos to do some marketing for Skinlycious, it would have been great. I realised that there’s a huge chapter of my life void of photo memories. In the past, when I had acne, I would not like to look at myself in the mirror, what more taking photographs. My bestie described my condition as pimples 中还有 pimples, meaning pimple among pimples. My whole face was  cluttered with red angry pimples. I wouldn’t even lift my head up when walking as I felt embarrassed. I think many of you who have bad acne would know what I am talking about and understand how I have felt in those years.

This is not my picture but my acne was about this bad. I still cringe looking at this picture.

I tried many products and doctors before finding a cure. You can read my story here. So, I would like to encourage people who are still suffering from acne not to give up and continue to search for the right solution to your acne. If possible, do give Skinlycious’ anti-acne products a try so that you will not need to suffer what I have suffered for years.

How did I pick myself up from low self-esteem?

I was plump (12kg heavier than what I am now) and I had a face full of red angry pimples. “A” Levels exam stress just made my acne condition worse.  I had low self-esteem and even had suicidal thoughts.

When I went to university, I decided to do something about my weight and acne.

For weight management, I started going to an all women gym to work out. I also started pilates and belly dance. I didn’t do any dieting but I would cut down my rice intake during dinner. Over 3 years, I gradually lost 7kg. When I started working, I continued belly dancing. Over another 2 years, through dancing,  I lost another 5-6kg and maintained my weight as that. The beauty of belly dancing is that it helps you to appreciate your curves better and build your self-esteem. As students, we also had chances to perform on stage and this helped to build confidence. As I progress, 3 other friends and I started Bellydance Divas in 2007. We perform in events such as DnDs and parties, this of course, made me felt good about myself.

For acne woes, I sought help with a few doctors and finally was prescribed roaccutane. The angry red pimples were gone but I had lots of little bumps (closed comedones) that wouldn’t go away even with roaccutane. Skin/ lips were very dry and wrinkles appeared. However, it was better than red angry pimples, so I felt more confident especially with make-up on. But my skin was not smooth due to the bumps all over my face and make-up was not able to smoothen my complexion. Long story cut short, after more than a decade of struggling with acne, my skin is now at it’s best by using SkinLYcious range of products.

Moral of the story : If you are unhappy with something, take action and rectify it. You might not succeed the first time but persevere on.

Things always happen for a reason – you can turn a negative event into a learning and positive experience with just your thoughts!

– I had to struggle with acne and that led me to start Skinlycious. More details here.
– I had to be fired from my job so that I would be disheartened with the corporate culture and work harder in making this business a success. As much as I think that my dismissal was not fair, I learnt to accept that the world is never fair. Especially so in the corporate world, it’s not all about performance but who has your back.
– I had to fail my first business (losing close to 60k of my capital) to learn my mistakes the hard way.
– I had to lose my first baby so that I guess I would treasure and appreciate my second child better, and to learn that life is fragile. This is my boy when he was 3 weeks old. He’s 3 months old now.

Maybe you do not know why you have to face an unpleasant event/situation now, but you can draw lessons and strength from it when you reflect back.

Be happy, be positive, and never give up! Life is too short!



About the Author : Jasmine Kang

Founder of Skinlycious – a one stop skin care solution for acne and acne-prone skin. A science geek, who has struggled with acne for 14 long years. Armed with decades of acne-fighting experience and bioscience / pharmaceutical knowledge, she seeks to find solution for her own acne-prone skin. She also takes immense joy in helping people regain confidence by solving their acne woes. Her secret ambition is to rid the world of irritating acne.