Review on Konjac / Konnyaku Sponge

Konjac sponge claims to deep cleanse, gently exfoliates bringing natural shine to skin, and other benefits. A natural beauty product that the Japanese has been using for years. However, it disturbed my skin balance and made my skin more oily instead.

Acne scars – the different types of scars and treatments

Identify your acne scars and explore the different options to treat your acne scars. Do note that the common red/brown marks are not scars. They are post-inflammation hyperpigmentation. We have options to help lighten these red/brown marks in the article.

What are toners and are they necessary?

What benefits does a toner gives? In the blog, we explain why we think that toners are not necessary, so save your money on that. Double cleanse and use a serum instead!