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My Skin Journal App

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Launching soon!

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Available in iOS first.

Journalise and Tracking made easy!

  • Easily record down events/triggers that might affect your skin.
  • For female, you are able to track your period. The app is able to predict your next period as well as ovulation date. This function is disabled for male.
  • Cute icons to quickly give an overview of your month’s events.
  • Functions as a mood tracker too.

Record your Skin Care Routine

  • Name and date your skin care routine.
  • By dating your routine, you can match it easily with photos taken and see if your skin care routine is making any difference.
  • Totally customisable to accurately capture your skin care routine.
  • Share your routine easily with your friends and followers.

Take facial photos with filters for more accurate comparison

  • Take photos of different facial parts. Photos will be automatically stored in the folder of the respective facial part.
  • Take photos with filters on to position facial part for more accurate comparison. You can choose to on or off the filter.
  • Compare photos side by side using comparison feature.
  • Sort photos by facial parts or dates.
  • View slideshow of photos to easily see progress of skin.